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Cancellation club dinner July 6     (2019-06-02)

Up until today we haven't received any confirmations for our planned club dinner :-( We did however hear from several people that they wouldn't be able to attend. That is why we decided to postpone the dinner and go for a new date in September, which will hopefully be a better fit. You will read more about this new date in one of our next news letters.    ( read more ...)

Event July 6 - Play night May 30     (2019-05-24)

Event July 6

We didn't want to wait any longer, so here's the full story about what we have planned for that evening;-)    ( read more ...)

Keep this date clear => July 6, 2019     (2019-05-15)

We're planning a small event for our loyal members, but are not yet revealing what it is.    ( read more ...)


who is DoubleTrouble ?

Double Trouble is the name of Volvo Group Belgium's badminton team located in Oostakker. After our annual sports day in October 2010 a few employees got together and began laying the foundations of a real badminton club, thus giving those who liked playing the game the opportunity to practice on a regular basis.

By the end of October the club was actually established and we played for one hour every week. First we played in Lokeren, but the club's location was not ideal, so by December we moved to Lochristi (sports club Catalpa). Since mid 2014 another location was added (S&R Rozebroeken, Sint-Amandsberg). And in August 2015 we left Catalpa and added Wolfput (Oostakker) as our second location. On both locations people can play for 2 hours, between 18h00 and 20h00.

Our club was officially recognized by Volvo on 1 January 2011, which means we are now a full-fledged Volvo Vriendenkring club.