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DT recreational tournament 2017   (2017-08-04)

This year our recreational tournament will be hold on Sunday 1 October in the sports hall of Wolfput in Oostakker. Last edition was pretty successful, we received praise from several people, partly due to our unique approach and also the photo shoot :-)

Feel like participating ? Perhaps you'd like to, but are a bit afraid ? Don't hesitate, just do it ! A tournament is a fun way of playing agains unknown opponents from other clubs and test your skills. Even if you've only been playing for some months, think of yourself as a real beginner, or maybe think you're going to "suck big time": it doesn't hurt to try. There are 3 categories to choose from: Beginner, Average or Good. Feel free to address one of the board members if you have questions.

We're also on the lookout for some volunteers to help out on the actual day. This year we'll play both in the morning and afternoon, and also food and drinks will be available. We can't do that with just people from the board, we need several extra hands. So if you'd like to help us with this, talk to someone from the board for more information.

In whatever capacity, we hope to see as many of our members (players + helpers) as possible on October 1 !

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