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Club dinner on 3 March 2018   (2018-01-15)

As already announced, we are organizing a club dinner for our members. It's an opportunity to get together off-court ;-)

Where ? Oud China in Lochristi, more info on
When ? Saturday 3 March from 18h00.
Who is welcome ? All DT members, partner welcome (1 per member :-).
How to subscribe ? Through our Calendar page. Select the event, fill in your DT userID in + the name of your partner (if joining). It's an +18 event, unless that person is also member, of course. Closing date for subscribing: 23 February !
Payment ? Just to be clear, we're going Dutch ;-) if there is something left in our till/cash register, we will of course use that to make it a bit less painful ;-)

We sincerely hope to welcome many of you. Be sure to subscribe through our Calendar !

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