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Volvo sports day: tournament participation   (2018-05-18)

On Saturday 9 June, it's time for the Volvo sports day. This gives the Vriendenkring sports clubs the chance to introduce and promote themselves by means of all kinds of activities. For DoubleTrouble this means 2 tournaments: one Mixed Doubles in the morning, and one Men's Doubles in the afternoon. That last one is accompanied by recreational play for those who like to take things a little bit slower.
This Volvo sports day is, as the name implies, only for Volvo employees and their family. They need to use the Volvo Sports Day subscription tool. However, we'd also like to include our non Volvo members the chance to participate.
So if you're interested to join the Mixed Doubles, Men's Doubles or both, and you are not a Volvo employee but still a DoubleTrouble member ? Then send us a mail at and state the events you'd like to join, your partner (if already known), and if you don't have one yet, mention that as well and we will try and hook you up with a suitable partner.

Don't wait too long ! Entries close on June 2.

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