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Season 2018-2019 is coming !   (2018-06-22)

Dear badminton friends, the current season is coming to a close. That won't stop us from playing on during the summer months, but apart from that badmintonland will be quite calm: no more recreational tournaments, smaller crowds in the sports centres, enz.

At the same time, this is an indication that the new season is upon us, and for our club this will start on August 1st. So we'd like to kindly ask you to renew your subscription in time. This is best done by paying the annual fee for the new season on our account (BE35 7506 5821 0537 / BIC AXABBE22 in the name of Lindsay Peers). The amount for this year is exactly the same as last year: 35€ for Volvo people, 40€ for Volvo family members, and 50€ for external people. This fee will guarantee you a whole year of sport and fun, on- and off-court :-)
We kindly ask you to do this before September 1st 2018. Only then will we be able to make sure your account is created/continued in time with Badminton Vlaanderen, which includes an insurance against sports accidents.

Pay close attention to our calender, as this year we have a number of shifts in play during July and August because of annual holidays in Wolfput and other unforseen circumstances. Make sure to subscribe in time when you come and play (preferably 1 day in advance).

Finally: check and -if necessary- correct your personal details in our database. Some fields are mandatory for your subscription with Badminton Vlaanderen.
FYI: we've been following this whole GDPR thing quite closely, and are still busy writing an adequate privacy policy so we can avoid a European raid and complete shutdown of our website ... Until then, anyone who no longer wishes to remain a member and cancel their subscription, can inform us about this and we will delete all data from our systems. Of course, we hope everybody will continue being a member and that many others may still join us.

Keep fit ! Play badminton !

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