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Play times July   (2018-07-06)

As some of you have noticed -unfortunately- last Wednesday, there were no fields available for our club :-( Despite several mails from us to Stad Gent (Sports dept) they were not able/willing to confirm that our reservations for Juli in Rozebroeken would continue as normal. The answer turned out to be negative. Once more our apologees to those present on Wednesday. Although their presence was not entirely in vain, as some of them visited the terrace to wash away their disappointment  ;-)

We immediately had a talk with the manager of Lago Rozebroeken and with her co-operation Stad Gent was able to provide us with some reservations for the remaining Wednesday nights in July. Beware: these are not our normal fields or play times, please read the extra info listed with each day. We're certainly hoping to see many of you over the next Wednesdays !
Aside from our own play nights, there are still 3 evenings left for which we got an invitation from the club in Sleidinge. From 19h00 to 21h00 we are welcome in the sports hall Hoge Wal in Ertvelde for a minor contribution of 2€. You can also subscribe for this on our site.

Finally: feel free to still fill in our survey concerning the training sessions we're looking to organize. The more info you give us, the better we can tune this training to your wishes. Also our "emerging talents" or beginners should do this, as we're also looking to organize a training specifically for you. So go to and give us your feedback.

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