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Event July 6 - Play night May 30   (2019-05-24)

Event July 6

We didn't want to wait any longer, so here's the full story about what we have planned for that evening;-)

On July 6 we're holding a club dinner for all of you, our loyal members that remind us week after week why we put so much time in our club. Because it takes some effort to keep a well-oiled machine... this well-oiled :-)

So that night we're inviting you to a Turkish restaurant situated in the Sleepstraat. Since there are more than 1 on that location, here's the full address:
Özgem - Sleepstraat 48 in Gent.
It's been a while since we last held a dinner event, so we decided on the following special offer: you each pay 25euro per person, anything beyond that amount will be paid by us, drinks included. The menu consists of: aperitif, mezze appetizer, main course, drinks during dinner and for the really hungry a dessert. Nothing has to be chosen in advance, we can order à la carte !
So you can eat as much as you can, but we will try and keep it civilized, as some of us would like to continue going to that place ;-)
All member (juniors/-18-year-olds) are welcome, and also the partner is invited. We'd like to put the limit there, as we couldn't find a babysitter service.

Let us know asap, June 24 the latest, whether or not you (and possible partner) will join us. Use the contact form on our website's home page. Give us your name, names of other club members in your family and possible partner's name, that's all we need.

We hope to see you then !


Play night Thursday May 30

Sports hall Wolfput is closed that day, but we were able to obtain 4 fields in Lago Rozebroeken. This time we will play on part C, so fields 9-12. We hope to see as many of you as possible, even though it's a national holiday.

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