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News letter July   (2019-07-18)

dear DoubleTrouble members,

the current season is coming to an end, the official new season starts on 1 August. Normally we continue to play in August, but this year, due to all kinds of circumstances, this is not 100% certain. So keep an eye on our playing calendar !

A new season also means that your membership must be renewed, at least if you want to continue playing with us. That is why we would like to ask you to pay the membership fee for the new season before 1 September. This is possible on our account (BE35 7506 5821 0537 / BIC AXABBE22 in the name of Lindsay Peers). The amount remains exactly the same as last year: € 35 for Volvo employees, € 40 for family members of Volvo employees, and € 50 for external parties. For this you get a whole year of sport and pleasure, on and next to the terrain :-)

Due to a number of things that have happened in recent weeks, we want to repeat a few points that are important to us, and make sure that all our club members can enjoy this sport in a fun atmosphere.

  • keep it sporty 1 => we are a recreational club, which means that we play "for fun". Do not engage in an endless discussion about a shuttle that was just out- or inside. The person closest to the shuttle can usually judge this best. If you don't agree, replay the point.
  • keep it sporty 2 => take your opponent(s) into account. If you play as a men's double team against a women's double team, you don't necessarily have to bring out your hardest smashes to show that you are the strongest. Everyone once started as a beginner, and you should still know that it's not nice to see shuttles continuously flying past you, or getting one on your forehead. So adjust your style of play to your opponent so that both parties enjoy the party. And if you think you are the best of the club, feel free to participate in the many recreational tournaments that are organized throughout the year. You can go all out and prove yourself there !
  • play according to attendees 1 => if there are 20 players, it is inevitable that someone has to wait on the bench now and then. In that case you should only play 1 set and then release the field to other players. You should also avoid playing singles matches at that time. Only do so if enough fields are available.
  • play according to those present 2 => there are also people who occasionally want to relax and sit quietly on the bench for a while. Or just engage in some smalltalk with someone they might only see once a month. So try not to force anyone to play.
  • behavior => if things aren't going your way, stay calm. Ff someone sitting on the couch does not want to play (see previous point), do not express your displeasure in a noisy way. Try to keep your frustrations inside. You run the risk that certain people no longer want to play with you because of your continuous bad mood ;-)
  • only DT members play between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. => our club makes reservations for a whole year, so only DT members can play, or potential members who want to do a try-out. The latter is only possible if someone from the board is aware of this (and preferably also present). This is partly due to insurance. So if non-members come to ask if they can play on 1 of our courts, or just do so without asking, talk to someone from the board. We will address those people and try to resolve the situation in a normal way.
  • clothing => badminton is a sport, which means that athletic shoes and sporting clothes are worn. We've already seen people barefoot and even someone in jeans. Both of these do not fall under "sports gear" and therefore we (+ sports service Ghent) cannot allow this.

We are not going to officially publish this on our site for the time being, because we believe that this should be self-evident for everyone. We started our club because we wanted to get together with friends from time to time, and we definitely want to keep that aspect. But for us it is the beginning of a "Code of Conduct", a kind of manual about how we want things to run in "our" club.

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