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Reminder: club membership fee 2019-2020   (2019-08-06)

August has arrived, which means that for our club the new season has started.

As we already mentioned in our last news letter, we'd like to repeat our request for payment of this year's membership fee, preferably before September 1. That is, if you still want to be a member of DT, which we sincerely hope you do !

You can use our account (BE35 7506 5821 0537 / BIC AXABBE22 in the name of Lindsay Peers). The amount is exactly the same as last year: 35€ for Volvo employees, 40€ for family members and 50 € for external people. As we have already done in the past, we will put a stop to accepting new members that are not in any way related to Volvo and focus once again on our primary target group, being Volvo employees.

Finally: it took us blood, sweat and tears and a fair amount of emails, but we managed to make sure we could continue playing during August. Also the period in September-October when Wolfput is closed, the city of Gent has arranged for us to play in Melopee at Dok Zuid. More info can be found on our Practical page.

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