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Participation recreational tournaments   (2019-11-15)

How keen are you on improving your game ? Pushing your badminton boundaries ? Becoming the best player that's hidden (deep) within you ?

Or maybe you already know your opponents in our club so well that you know exactly how to play against, and win from them ?

In that case it might be time for a new challenge ! Some of our club and board members participate on a regular basis in recreational tournaments. As its name suggest, these are for recreational players, from all levels, from beginner to advanced. It's also just a good way to improve your game.
These tournaments usually take place on a Sunday, men's and ladies' doubles in the morning, mixed doubles in the afternoon. So in stead of sitting in your lazy chair every Sunday, join your fellow club members in working on your health and fitness level.

To encourage you a bit more, we have made it possible once again to indicate if you and your partner will participate in 1 of the tournaments mentioned on our site. You can find this under "calendar" in the top menu. Fill in your userID, name of your partner, discipline and level in which you compete. Hopefully, other members become motivated to join us.

If you'd like more info, or you're still in doubt about the whole idea, feel free to talk to any board member. We'll give you the final nudge ! :-)

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