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New badminton season 2016-2017   (2016-07-15)

The current season 2015-2016 is almost at an end ! The new one starts on 1 August and will run again until the end of July.

No big changes: both the location and hours remain the same, which means we play in Rozebroeken on Wednesdays en in Wolfput on Thursday, each time between 18h00-20h00. We'll be forced to move locations from time to time, possibly also switch days. Wolfput will be renovated next year, so we won't be able to play there for a few weeks. But you will be informed in time about this.

We try to keep our club very accessible, both for new and existing members. The price for a 1-year subscription will be 30€ for Volvo employees and 45€ for external members (non-Volvo). This allows you to play (at least) twice a week, all year long. All Volvo employees are automatically insured against sports injuries. Most health services (mutualiteit) reimburse part of this money (around 15€). We also keep our pay-per-play card, these are available for 10€ allowing you to play 10 evenings.
If you would like to take a/renew your subscription, send an email to You will receive all necessary payment info.

Our own tournament which was held on June 4 was liked by quite a few players, some of which regularly participate in external tournaments all over East Flanders. Should you feel the need or desire to join them, let us know. It's definitely more fun to fight for the Double Trouble honour in a large group !

Finally, enjoy your holidays, and come back soon with renewed badminton energy !


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