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Accession Badminton Vlaanderen   (2016-10-10)

Our club is growing up (a bit). Be sure to read this news item, it is important to ALL our members.

We have currently joined Badminton Vlaanderen, which is the overall body for all offical badminton clubs in Flanders ! This brings about several changes to our club, some duties, some advantages. Here are the most important ones for our members.

  • our club can organise 5 training sessions per year for which we get a qualified trainer from Badminton Vlaanderen. We will let you know soon more about this, and you'll have to subscribe for any training you would like to follow. Please note that the number of seats is limited, so don't wait too long. The trainings will be held this year, so keep an eye on our site (and your mailbox.
  • each member of our club will be fully covered for any sports accidents. This covers all recreational activities, but also tournaments. So far, this was only the case for our Volvo employees, but now also non-Volvo people can break a leg (just kidding !).
  • club members have access to interclub games, tournaments, recreational meetings, sports camps...
  • Badminton Vlaanderen organises a yearly sale specifically for recreational players. This might e.g. be high-quality rackets which are sold at lower, affordable prices.
  • club members can attend courses, trainings... organised by Badminton Vlaanderen.

Badminton Vlaanderen has some conditions they set towards any club. This forces us to stop working with our pay-per-play cards (beurtenkaart). So if you already are (or will become) a member of DT, you will be asked to pay 30€ as Volvo employee or 45€ as non-Volvo employee for a one-year membership. This allows you to play both on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 18h00-20h00, as well as any extra days should these be added. Also, we keep on playing during summer holidays. And you enjoy all benefits as described earlier.

Furthermore, it is also possible to get a reimbursement from your health insurance (ziekenfonds), which usually amounts to 15€. The application form is available on our site. If your insurance company isn't listed, contact someone from the DT-board.

What would we like you to do ?

Please send a mail to and tell us if you would like to remain a member.

  1. If your answer is "Yes" and you haven't paid for your membership, please transfer 30€ or 45€ (depending on the fact if you're a Volvo employee or not) to the account BE35 7506 5821 0537 (BIC AXABBE22) in the name of Lindsay Peers.
  2. If your answer is "No", we will deactivate your account from our member list and you will no longer be part of the best badminton sports club in Belgium :-) Should you ever feel the urge to join us again, you will still be more than welcome !
  3. If you're already in a club which is also member of Badminton Vlaanderen, make sure to let us know. You can only be member of 1 official club, so in that case we will deactivate your account with us.

the DT board

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