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Info September   (2016-09-29)

Badge Rest-eau-Café

We regularly have members who have a well-deserved drink after a heavy work-out on the badminton court. For them we have made the following deal.

Rest-au-café offers you a badge on which you can deposit money (20€-40€-60€-...). The badge thus becomes an easy method of payment. The real good news is that everything you use the badge, you get a 5% discount, starting from your first purchase. So, if you tab is 15€, you will only pay 14.25€. It might seem trivial, but can add up quickly over the course of a whole year.

If you're interested, give your name to one of the board members. We will get you a badge, the only requirement is that you immediately deposit 20€ on it. But you also get to enjoy the discount from day 1 ;-)

Drink 6-year anniversary DoubleTrouble

Another year has passed, and DoubleTrouble can blow out 6 candles this time. To celebrate this fact, we're inviting all our members to our drink, which takes place on Wednesday 12 October in S&R Rozebroeken, starting at 20u00 (after a good work-out, of course). Perhaps an ideal occasion to order your badge... ? ;-)
See you then !

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