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Subscribing to recreational tournaments   (2017-03-03)

From now on it is possible to register your participation in recreational tournaments.

We peruse the local badminton clubs and websites, looking for nice tournaments, that are organised as much as possible in the greater Gent area
You can subscribe the same way as for our regular play times. Mention your partner if you have one, as well as the discipline and level. We take care of the rest. The only thing left for you to do is take to battle, armed with your badminton racket, lots of courage and fair play, as well as the needed money for the entry fee ;-)

We would like to emphasize once more that such a tournament is not only for the hard-hitters from our club. Players from all levels are welcome, it's a fact that that you learn a lot from playing against unknown opponents. In short: you will become a better player !

We hope to see you soon.

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