This page holds a few practical tips to make your badminton experience even more pleasant than it already is.



If you wish to become a member, go to our membership page and fill in all necessary details.
For this membership we ask a moderate yearly fee in the amount of:

  • 35€ for Volvo-employees
  • 40€ for family members of Volvo-employees
  • 50€ for non-Volvo people (external)

This fee can be deposited on BE35 7506 5821 0537 / BIC AXABBE22 in the name of Lindsay Peers.

New members have the opportunity of buying a club t-shirt at a reduced price of 20€ (normal price = 37€). Apart from that you can buy all other club clothing at normal prices (visit our clothing page in myDT).

Your DT membership automatically ensures your membership with Badminton Vlaanderen. You are thereby insured for all sports accidents during our regular moments of play, but also on tournaments (both inhouse and outhouse), and all other badminton events.

Being a member of a sports club allows for a partial refund from a mutuality. All necessary documents can be found below.
CM - Partena - Onafhankelijk ziekenfonds - Bond Moyson

We normally play every Wednesday (Rozebroeken) and Thursday (Wolfput), except on holidays; should a date be canceled (e.g. only 1 or 2 registrations), we will announce this on our site, or notify the players in person.

You don't have to come every week, even people who come only once a month (or even less) are welcome.

Please register for every play date in order for us to know more or less the number of players to expect.

There will always be 1 board member present; that person will bring shuttles and extra rackets for those who don't own one.


Sport- en recreatiecentrum Rozebroeken (Sint-Amandsberg)

Victor Braeckmanlaan 180
9040 Sint-Amandsberg
Tel. 09/335.28.88

Sporthal Wolfput (Oostakker)

Wolfputstraat 92
9041 Oostakker
Tel. 09/251.05.43


The daily runnings of the club is in the hands of the following people:

Olaf Savic Name Olaf Savic
Function Chairman
Dirk Brugge Name Dirk Brugge
Function Deputy chairperson
Lindsay Peers Name Lindsay Peers
Function Treasurer
Erwin Aerts Name Erwin Aerts
Function Secretary / Web architect